Forms and Documents | Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts (GSEMA)

Forms and Documents

Getting Started & Troop Basics: 8 Available
  1. Criminal Offender Record Information
  2. Checklist for new Troop Leaders
  3. For new troops creating/changing troop accounts.
  4. Complete this form at the initial troop meeting.
  5. For all activities outside of regular troop meeting.
  6. Complete by June 30th every year.
Safety, Outdoor, and Travel Experiences: 12 Available
  1. Print this and keep a copy in your first aid kit.
  2. GSEMA 2022-23 edition
  3. Identify, mitigate, and respond to emergencies.
  4. High adventure, overnight, & money-earning activities
  5. When non-Girl Scout members participate in activities
  6. To be completed by caregivers for all overnights
  7. Archery Equipment and Range Reservation Form
  8. Submit for any overnight travel of 3+ nights.
  9. Training on everything outside troop meeting location
Programs & Highest Awards: 5 Available
  1. Register for GSEMA Programs using cookie credits.
  2. GSEMA Program Financial Aid
  3. The project approval form for Bronze and Silver Award.
  4. Form to fill out when your Bronze Award is completed.
  5. Form to fill out when your Silver Award is completed.
Spanish Forms: 3 Available
  1. Formulario Anual de permiso de Girl Scouts
  2. Formulario de Actividad de Girl Scouts